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Life. Is. A. Bitch.

Okay so I guess I just can’t handle gay man sex. I watched about 20min of Brokeback Mountain on Saturday and was completely and utterly horrified. After the second time they had sex I knew that I had two options: Claw out my eyes or turn it off. Thankfully I chose the later.

Not much else happened this weekend – I play allot of KH2. A very good game. Very good. Also saw V for Vendetta: FUCKING AMAZING. Just wow - honestly. And if your putting off seeing it cuz you think it’s violent – Its not so don’t worry.

Last but not least I got chewed out buy a drunk and possibly high Tamara on Friday. I was like “Hey Tam! :)” and all of a sudden I was being bitched out. Like all her f’ing problems are my fault. Well uh no. You chose to do that shit and become a unrespectable person. Not my fault in anyway so suck it up.
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