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Me, Myself, And My Jobs.

Holy Shit I have two jobs. I went and dropped of a resume at Stitches and bam and hour later I have an interview! I got for the view and get the job just like that yo! Whoot that means I get discount at Sirens - one of my two favourite places to buy pants! Kick Ass!

I’m keeping my A&W job on Mondays tho - a lil extra cash and I get to work with my friends.
I want some of my friends to apply at Stitches with me!! That would be awesome *hint hint*

Saw Poseidon on Friday… It was okay but I was hoping for a little more ya’know? Oh well I got Sex and the City season four - so I feel better.
o man random thought: men are such dumbasses XD. Cept, I must say, Dat is actually halfway descent.
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